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Livre de pasteur Claude Houde - increase our faith

Increase our faith

How can a believer find, keep and renew the supernatural power of god for everyday life?

Increase our faith

In this book filled with passion, conviction and powerful testimonies, Pastor Claude Houde addresses many vital questions facing 21st century believers. How can the modern-day church recapture its significance, beauty and true spiritual impact? How can Christians rise up to todays challenges? Does the Bible have anything pertinent to say about family break-ups, suicide, addiction, burnout, depression and other modern day issues? How can a believer find, keep and renew the supernatural power of God for everyday life?


Pastor Claude is the lead pastor and founder of “Eglise Nouvelle Vie”, a church that has grown to over 5,000 people, on the South Shore of Montreal. He has ministered in over 50 countries and he is the President of the Association chrétienne pour la francophonie (French-world Christian Association) and the Chairman of the Board of the Institut de théologie pour la francophonie (French-world Theological Institute), a fully-accredited Bible college offering bachelors and masters programs in pastoral theology and ministry. He is the author of 5 books and is passionate about justice, leadership, mercy, church planting and the raising up of a generation of dedicated followers of Christ.

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